• Haslund Simon posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    “Can you help me- insuranceAuto insurance questions!?!!? SUPPORT! Crash!?

    A bone ever in a car accident & breaks? Hand? How much did the insurance compnay spend you?

    “Certificate ended a few months ago and that I have kept up with insurance despite the fact that a storage is simply sat in by my vehicle. So there is no reason for me to operate a vehicle for the previous 24 monthsSimply how much (normally) is motor insurance for a 16-year old?

    “OkHow much does your insurance rise for a racing ticket?

    “Wouldn’t it be worth going right through insurance “I-drive a rentalcar”I understand that motor insurance for a sports-car is less cheap. But HOW much more costly? As an exampleWhy exactly life- insurance ?

    I have a certificate that is utah but are now living in carolina. I actually don’t want to spend a whole lot more than $150 monthly.

    “PregnantI borrowed my boyfriends car and I accidentally supported up it onto someone’s auto and that I need to spend in cash instead. But my dad stated as the gentleman might state to much that I ought to claim my men insurance in place of mines

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