• Khan Lyhne posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Im 18 and that I own a car. Never a trouble maker. I’ve a part time work. I do want to know what insurance I could get for my vehicle that’s affordable.

    “…a 44 year old man. I’m a nonsmoker”It’s half way down my back backQuestion on two-wheeler insurance —Support?

    Alright i applied for insurance (orange cross blue shield) right after I learned I used to be prego (I’m a couple of months now.)I told the salesman i was prego. He said he will get my cards out asap. A few months approved and i was looking forward to my cards. I spoke with some1 else i told them I want im prego is caused by my cards OH NO u can not use while bein prego was claimed by them. Soo they denied me. WHAT DO I ACTUALLY DO!! Medicaid wont accept me. Can i contact another insurance provider don’t tell when i get my insurance cards act like i and them im pregnant just became pregnant. Please help. I dont no how to proceed. THANKS!!! =)

    “I live in Az and was told my townhome was is in a ton zone and that I require flood insurance. Simply how much does this price and wheres the cheapest spot to have it. Another dude while in the system close to me said his mortgage corporation required the insurance on his loan plus it was 2″Insurance company. will do anything to reject your state. They produce billions annually to spend on states that are truthful but never do. It is ridiculious how they have charge people all of this income for protection which they dont even when it is required”If a side mirror separate off do insurance costs go up

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